How To Clean Longchamp Bag?


All of my legitimate Longchamp bags are purchased abroad – the prices are around half of what they are here in the Philippines at official outlets! Wait for sales abroad (pabili sa friends or family, and take advantage of duty-free and tax-free benefits!) You can even purchase online during deals such as Black Friday from Neimann Marcus, Macy’s, or Bloomingdale’s and have it delivered to your relative’s address while you wait for them to return to the Philippines.

How To Clean Longchamp Bag?

To give you an idea of the price, an original normal Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Long Handle purchased abroad from an authorized retailer costs between P4,000 and P6,000 (on sale/discounted/duty-free). If you can find one in that price range, you’re getting an excellent deal. When I last checked, legitimate ones sold officially in Manila were retailing for P9,500.

How to Сlean a Longchamp Bag

Crucial steps

Leather components should be cleaned using a colorless cream cleanser.

Canvas sections should be washed with a light soap such as Dove and water.

On your Longchamp, never use colors or scents.

If you must use the washing machine, do it carefully and on a delicate, chilly cycle.

Allow your Longchamp to dry naturally.

Longchamp bags have grown in popularity over the last several years due to its combination of style and functionality. However, daily wear (which we don’t blame you for; it truly goes with anything) exposes it to stains and ordinary grime. That is why has decided to give some essential cleaning techniques for Longchamp neo and nylon bags. Do you own any further leather accessories? Then, have a look at our guide on cleaning a leather bag.

How to clean a Longchamp Bag: Removing Stains

The following is one of the best methods for cleaning a Longchamp bag, which has been demonstrated to efficiently remove stains. All you have to do is follow the two simple steps (yes, two!) we’ve revealed here: Have you noticed a spot on your cherished Longchamp? Avoid panic! Rub the stain’s surface with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol until it fades.

Take care to rub the stain only . Create a paste using 12 cream of tartar and 12 lemon juice for more tenacious stains. Allow 10 minutes after application to the stain. Remove any extra paste with a clean, dry rag and ta-da!

 Best  methods for cleaning a Longchamp

How to Clean a Longchamp Bag: Are Longchamp Bags Washable?

Now for the important question: Can you wash a Longchamp in the washing machine? Cleanipedia continues to advocate hand washing as the best method for cleaning your Longchamp, all the more so given that Longchamp’s official care instructions do not encourage machine washing due to the risk of deforming the shape and substance of your bag.

Having said that, if you feel compelled to use the washing machine, here is how you should proceed:

Before washing

Empty your Longchamp into a washing machine that is not in use. To avoid color run, never wash with another colored item.

Make use of a gentle detergent, such as Surf applied. Never exceed 14 cup with any soap product.

Utilize the gentlest setting on your machine, such as “delicate” or “hand-wash.”

Ascertain that the machine is set to cool, as the temperature should not exceed 104°F.

Allow the bag to air dry for a minimum of 5 hours by hanging it from its straps. To avoid damage, it is important to allow it to completely dry and leave.

Once dried, treat the leather parts with leather conditioner.

 Washing machine

Longchamp Cleaning Instructions: Dos and Don’ts

While you may prefer to learn how to wash your Longchamp bag with your own products, you should be aware of the following tips and advice:

Use a Colorless Coating on all Leather Parts

Scrub the leather with a gentle brush to avoid damaging it.

DO rub the bag in a circular motion with a delicate towel to remove any excess cream.

DO wash any canvas portions with a mild soap, neutral soap such as Dove and water.


DO weatherproof the leather with a high-quality product such as a leather conditioner. Additionally, you can produce your own leather conditioner by combining vinegar and linseed oil!



REMEMBER to empty your bag prior to cleaning.

Why Longchamp Le Pliage?

Anyway, despite the fact that I have a plethora of other bags, I always gravitate toward the Longchamp. I adore how I can fit anything in it! It can also fit files and large Manila envelopes – this allows me to keep my hands free during events were I was given some large handouts stain. Additionally, the bags are secured with a zipper – a critical feature, especially in crime-ridden Manila. Your first line of protection against pickpockets is your zippers.

I also enjoy the Longchamp because it is so lightweight. Other leather tote bags are bulky and add to the perceived weight of whatever you’re carrying! Additionally, some tote bag straps are unpleasant and cut into the shoulder flesh, especially when the contents of the bag are heavy! However, the leather straps on the Le Pliage are supple and without rough edges pliage bags. However, with everyday use, the bags have grown quite filthy.

 Longchamp  bag

How I Clean My Longchamp Bags?

To begin, here is WHAT NOT TO DO: When poorly handled, the nylon material of the longchamp bag with mild soap has a tendency to “bubble”. REMOVE THEM FROM THE WASHING MACHINE! Make kuskos your Le Pliage at all costs, especially when it’s wet!

Here are the items I use to manually clean my Longchamp bag:

• A cleansing agent (you can use Ariel, Tide, or another brand, but I use Joy because I’m too lazy to get the detergent).

• A clean brush — an old toothbrush, an old pedicure brush, and so forth…

• Enough space to clean the bag without having to fold it (I clean my Le Pliage on the shower floor to ensure it is clean).

• Water — a telephone-style shower is ideal, but a bucket and tabo will suffice. I start by laying the bag on the clean tiled floor and wetting both sides and the interior of the bag with water. Handle the bag carefully; you want it to be as flat as possible tips. Avoid creasing and pressing it against itself (kuskos) while it is still wet, since this will result in bubbling.

Longchamp bags cleaning

Begin by lightly cleaning the inside of the bag. Maintain a flat surface while soaping the inside of the bag; don’t forget the inside pocket. You can use a soft sponge or use a soft cloth if the bag is extremely unclean, but I rarely do because the insides of my bags are not that filthy.

Once you’re finished washing the interior, begin soaping the exterior. Brush the material gently to remove any debris, ensuring that it remains as flat as possible leave. Gently brush until you are sure that all dirt has been gone and clean then air dry. Carry out the same procedure on the other side of the bag and the bottom portion. Avoid crumpling the material!


Brush the leather sparingly Since they rarely become extremely dirty in the first place.

Begin by rinsing the bag. Handle the bag gently to avoid crumpling! Rinse the inside, the pocket, the exterior, and the leathers — ensuring that all soap is to remove stain.

Is prohibited:

Do not crumple the bag or immerse it in a pail of water. Simply rinse it as thoroughly as possible while keeping the fabric as flat as possible.

Dry the bag by inverting it. I prefer to do this on the back of a plastic chair. I flipped the Longchamp Le Pliage over the back of a clean monobloc chair and drained the water. Hang the bag when bag’s zipper is open, and the chair’s back is “inside.” Allow it to dry for a day in this state.

Storage or usage

I’ve cleaned my Longchamp Le Pliages with laundry detergent the last couple of times, and it works far better than dish soap applied. The bag appears to be cleaner. Additionally, drying my Le Pliage: I discovered a way to speed up the drying process for leather handles. After washing, I gently place it upside down in the spin dryer, attempting to keep it as straight and curled as possible without folding it, and let it to spin dry for a few minutes. After spinning dry, the bag is almost completely dry! I place the bag handles on a hook to speed up the drying process, but the bag is completely dry in a matter of hours.

After Clefning

It has regained its luster! Additionally, the color is noticeably lighter after all the dirt is removed!

After numerous cleanings, I discovered that my oldest Longchamp Le Pliage bag is fraying in some areas – which is to be anticipated with regular wear and tear. I’ve probably already cleaned this bag close to ten times.

Additionally, I noticed that the leather straps are softer after repeated cleanings (not as stiff as a new bag).

Even though the bags are on the pricey side, they are well worth the investment in my opinion. I adore utilizing them! If I use them daily and nasulit ko din, it’s worth it. Because I adore these bags, I have no desire for other bags (plus I save money!). Additionally, the bags are priced enough to be considered “acceptable” by brand-conscious people watchers (I know we’re not meant to worry what other people think, but…), but not so much that I’d have a meltdown if they were stolen.